Sunday, 12 June 2016

In Which The Lions Lay Down and Take It

Dear Diary,

Living with Curtis is sometimes like living in a dorm. Every time it feels like there could be a moment of peace either someone's shooting at us or someone's at the door wanting his advice. I try not to ask him much. I don't want to know the future, especially mine, and that means not asking certain questions. We have a mutual respect for silence, or at least, for not asking questions.

This morning as I was trying to find the courage to get Curtis to tell me about Merov, Maeve knocked. I wouldn't let her in the house because fuck that irritating fae, but then there was this weirdo in the bushes taking pictures, and Curtis freaked out because Carla, and dragged Maeve inside. Fae. My second least favourite things.

We sat in the living room and Maeve consulted Curtis like you would any neon light street psychic about her future. Why he puts up with her shit I'll never know, but for whatever reason, the pixie listens to him. To the point of it being both frustrating and amusing. If he says "Save x" she will, but she'll also leave any other victim to die.

Today's mystery was: "How do I get back into the courts?" Curtis' response, and I could have smacked him, was that she was supposed to lead all the fae, not just her court, into a new age. She could do this in one of two ways, either live long and prosper, or cause a big threat that would unite the fae beneath her.

Now Maeve is a little intense and very, very fae. I didn't go to a party once, because there was a corruption demon invading family homes, and hey, suddenly I'm the bad guy and I owe her. Also, I hate fae. Or maybe I don't, I'm not sure. Ever since I let Robin Redcap out and he started ripping people apart, which was, well, my fault, I've never felt at peace with them. I'm sure some of them were nice. Maybe.

To clear my name off of Maeve's hit list, I agreed to help stir shit in the fae world. It's a bad idea, but at this point I just want to be done with her, and the sooner I'm out of the fae's debt the sooner I can stick a cold iron knife in her and move on.

While Curtis had taken my mom's ring off (it helped keep the visions away), I asked him about Merov. I shouldn't have. And I instantly regretted it, but it was already past my lips by that time. I hate pulling favours on Curtis. It feels like I'm bullying him and it makes me feel gross inside. He seems used to people doing it, but we're friends. I shouldn't be the one asking.

However, Curtis told me that Merov was a dragon. A mother fucking dragon. Landing on the shores of our time or something poetic. But a dragon. I still haven't quite figured out how to digest that information or what the fuck it means. Merov is as human looking as I am, and while I admit there's something about him I don't understand, dragon seems... I don't know, far fetched? I must've stared at Curtis for several minutes before I decided I had to go ask him.

Dragon. It made sense, in a way. He acted as eager to collect power, even subtly so, as any other clever monster I had ever met. I felt like an idiot to have been so easily caught in his plans. With Maeve there, I didn't feel safe leaving Curtis by himself so I tried to convince her to go. That's when we noticed a hand taking photos with a camera on the balcony.

It was Deslee, the little gossip girl of the supernatural world. I grabbed onto her and lifted her up so that she wasn't hanging on anymore and told her to quit it. She proceeded to take a picture of me, so I dropped her. Curtis gave me a look and I decided not to talk about it. We walked outside to make sure she wasn't seriously hurt and Carla was there.

The fire burned like a bitch, but I got a shot off before it hit me. It'd been awhile since someone had used magic on me. Her body got tossed down to the eyeball, who also, well, made the fire jump to other buildings. Curtis called 9-1-1-. Maeve touched me and healed me a little, which I'm sure comes with a debt. She wanted me to promise to be loyal to her. I told her to fuck off. I refuse to be a knight to some wanna be queen.

Curtis, and our new sidekick Maeve, came with us as we went to talk to Merov. He wasn't home, so we sat, and drank. Maeve drank more than, well, anyone. You'd think the fae could hold their liquor, but not that woman. Curtis and I, well, we got in a bit of an argument via text because I didn't want to talk about it with Maeve there. I hate her seeing me weak. 

We talked about how I was angry Curtis hadn't told me about ghoul plague, but instead, went to Merov, who's been proving to be more and more dangerous. Merov finally arrived, stinking of... sewage and death, and started stripping while I tried to talk to him. Between mostly naked Merov and Maeve's snide comments, all I could really manage was accusing him of some sort of... I don't even know, really. Conquering? Taking over the city? 

He assured me that I wasn't wrong, but that my thoughts on his intention were wrong. He wants to do good and make the city a safer place. I couldn't argue with him, and I hope he's telling the truth. My entire instinct is telling me to shove a sword in him as deep as I can and then cut off his pretty head, but I can't. He's been a friend to me, as much as I have friends, in the last few months. 

Merov said something to Curtis about him seeing visions, mostly about his own death, and then Curtis lost his shit and bolted. Rightfully so. Merov doesn't get it. How much it hurts Curtis, how much pain he endures just seeing glimpses of the future. He sees a lot of death. He's afraid of his power, it seems, as much as he uses it regularly. Or, well, it uses him. 

I followed him out and left Maeve behind. We talked in the elevator about Merov's douche baggery and then drove to find Derek. Merov had said something about Derek finding his girlfriend. I know how it feels to pull someone out of another realm. As we got in the truck Curtis asked me: "yes or no?" I asked if it was sexy or not, he said maybe, so I said yes. He texted something and then laughed. Kid's a weirdo sometimes.

Derek was frantic as we arrived and tried to brush off the importance of his girlfriend being back. He wanted to go to some werelion fight over who'll be the next king of lions instead of staying with his partner. I kept asking what the hell would actually be more important than her being back and he was being evasive. When I tried to tell him he had to be careful or he'd end up like me, I ended up letting it out that I had killed my mom to become a hunter.

He feels powerless. He feels like people don't take him seriously. And that's a good thing. I wish he could see how bad it is to want to make a difference in an unnatural world. All that's going to happen is him ending up like me, or ending up in a coffin. I can't be constantly there to pull him out of fires he's not even telling me he's walking into. I wish I could save him. But I know he needs to make his own choices when it comes to how much he wants to be in this world and I need to... respect that.

Curtis called Maeve and the drunk fae came over to watch over Derek's partner, then the tree of us went to the epic lion-fight. As we walked in, the tone changed. Mostly because they hate me and while I don't take it personally, they do. Merov was there, with his fucking sword, and this look on his face I'd seen once before. It was the same look he had with the amber vampires.

A chill swept through me as I leaned against the wall and just watched. Watching another person fight is like getting a glimpse into your future and getting a chance to change the outcome. Fighting reveals so much about people. It tells you their weaknesses,  their strengths, and their speed. Merov is fast enough. But the lions fight MMA style. Hard and solid hits, not fast. Still, the dragon... (fuck that's weird)... held his own against the woman.

It was brutal and fast. Merov has fire, like a mother-fucking dragon. But fighting takes power out of him. He's built... differently, than I am. I am power. It's just part of me. I don't need to use it to kill the assholes I hunt. But it doesn't extend beyond being a little faster, a little stronger, a little tougher than you're average bear. This was entirely different. Except it left him vulnerable. It would've been the ideal moment to kill him.

The werelion was defeated. He was weak. He was open. Two seconds and I could have slid the knife from my sleeve and stuck it in his heart. He looked at me and I looked at him and I didn't move. If anything, his eyes stopped me. This was Merov. This was the guy I had sat drinking with retelling hunting stories to and who had always wanted to help me. If was a dragon, we'd fight. But not today. We'd fight when he wasn't weak. When he had everything at his disposal. It's a fight I don't know if I'll walk away from.

The werelions accepted their new king. The city is changing. And it's Merov who's gonna be holding the reigns.

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